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"Death of 25flow"

Okay watch a n*gga switch a lane
Ain't nobody going racing with a huddle
You is a freak B with no D please tryna tattle
Take a hater down like wrestling
I ain't saying you is a hater n*gga
Pause all i'm tryna say kid you the n*gga i'm addressing
Yeah ...Goddammit!!!
Switching new lanes all you others can run it
We the new flames so you n*ggers ain't burning
Hear the clack and the clack but you know we ain't gunning
Yeah…its why we tricking on yo dame, switch up, switching on new lanes
Watch me do some whining instead of some rhyming
Diamonds on the low now that's undermining
We done em tricks on em pricks again
Beat down, it's why we switch and switch on new lanes
So we pressing again
Wananiuliza who the f*ck are you again?
Niki dig deep wako freak please usirelease hizo beat na ma beast kwenye game
Niko iron bado
I'm a hit it hard and I ain't tryna to
Break it down niki rectify, break it down niki rectify
So we tricks on the game tricks on the game
Suddenly we getting the fame watching it get bigger
p*ss on yo dame p*ss on yo dame
Finally we getting the pill blames on the sh*t liquor
The reason again, reason again
Why we always seeking the cash dreaming to get figures
Beat down, because we trying to get figured..

sh*t about about to get real
So I guess you already know
KF on the beat on the track
And we kill this sh*t like that man Rambo
So I’m turned to the max with them pro’z beside me
n*ggers be hating on the side they watching
Your girl stuck on me like a damn allergy
And I pull this track like a soccer hamstring
Step up get a beat down
On the line get a toe-tag
Where your ho at?
This sh*t such a foreplay
When you say game recognize we the team hey
Fire flambe, Hold up we on!
Like a hat on a n*gga
Die slow on a n*gga
n*gga I get blown first before she put it in like a game cartridge my n*gga

VERSE 3: Asum-Garvey
I go all in garveymaynin they debating
On the road we the A team
My di*k taller than a dude conversating
Oh sh*t sensor that sh*t am aggressive thinking
Deep how I murder that sh*t, s.h.I.t so hot I think
I be that dude from the east from the ke
They be thinking am deep menengai, ngai!!!
Wait, wait,did he really wanna go ape
That's one for the foreplay okay
This dudes wanna role-play they gay
Can't talk about clothes I ain't gat fame
Si swag hiko high why lie number 9 on time lazima wapige nduru
Oksyde nime give high five
Dude gat vibe n I ain't gonna lie
When you see a killer this fly
Don't lie hating on the side like a n*gga gonna die
Oh my,like wait pour up that drink pour up pour up
You die while I rise sunshine you the knee high
Turn up turn up b*tch gonna burn up
Finishing a verse with an urge I splurge
Like wait pour up that drink pour up pour up

VERSE 4: Skinny J
I’m about to Gorilla ,kill that n*gga
While they keep on talking that smack , We the sh*t!!!!!
They thinking they Higher than jet
''Higher than a bird?''
No Higher than a jet
Who the hell do they think they kidding
Cheki vile kijana akipanda hizo ngazi
Play my damn song if you work in the radio
Nimechoka kupeleka ngoma on the radio
Kama ngoma zangu hazichezwi on the radio
Cheki vile sa nimejamia maradio
I throw my hands in the air
Then I put my CENSORS in the air
n*gga can’t hear but they got to hear
What I got to say, to there Damn faces up in here
What they gonna do? What they gonna say?
Even if they hide
I’m gonna find em Where they gonna hide. BANG-BANG!!!!

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