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"Ride & Shake"

(Verse 1)
Now you know you lookin' good
Lookin' damn fly
Can't help it boo, but notice you, from the corner of my eye
Yeah I got a man at home
But the conversation's old
He think he slick, ain't doin' right
I'll be parked up at the Shell
At a quarter past twelve
Creepin' in my Navi parked over to the left
Tell me what you gonna do
'Cause I'm about to make that move
Just say yes without the questions
'Cause boy, I'm ready to

(Hook) (x2)
Ride, ride, ride
Shake, shake, shake
You and me one on one
Without a break
We gonna ride, ride, ride
Shake, shake, shake
We can get together baby starting today

(Verse 2)
Now I know that you want me
Just as much as I want you
You ain't got to lie, ya' ain't got to front
So why don't you tell the truth
As of now he's in the past
Not the time for being sad
Momma said shake'em off
And don't you move too fast
Girl move on and don't you move too fast
See, ya' know how the game is played
If the shoe was on his foot
He'd do the same thing
I admit that it's wrong
But can we please get it on
All I wanna know is can we get down and...

(Hook) (x3)

(Verse 3)
Turn off the car lights (car lights)
Hold me tight
When we touch, when we rub
When we kiss, when we hug
Show me love, 'till I can't get enough
I know you understand (understand)
Feel my pain
It's all about you
So forget my man

(Hook) (x6)

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