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"Jon Connor - Don't Wanna Be (cover)"

Living every night like it my last night
wanna get my family out the hood dont even ask twice

Seeing family crying over all these bills

I just wanna be the one to call em

and tell em call the people up we paying all the bill na

so stop stressin over all this ma , momma told me she feelin tired, dont get tired ma so dont yo get tired ma

I wanna show my mom better

things cause up in flint aint nothin to look foward to

you can keep the fame, I just want a lil po cket change

I wanna make a change, show these bustas what

I can do, with the help of god all things are possible

dont never let no one tell you what you cant do

Ive been following for to long now its time

to take the lead, I see Jon Connor & Lyric da Queen

taking stage takin flight going high,

salute to yall, keep puting fli city on the map

& imma keep doing what I do

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