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"Soon As I Get On"

[Verse 1: Phil Ade]
Promise my baby I'll make it through
Smack her on the ass while she making food
AC broke we livin' on our toes
More fans at my crib than at my shows
n*ggas always exaggerating
I've been waiting all my time to come
Eye of a tiger just like I was Blac Chyna son
n*gga I'm the one, you the one minus one
The rap land buyers gonna pro
Never die of drugs, thought I wouldn't still be here
Every year is still the year, nothing you can tell me
You won't feel me till the millions here
Y'all wanna hear that fly talk, but what I talk is just real
Like how to survive with no deal
Still in a vibe in the XXL
I try but I never could chill, too trill, to built for it
f*ck dying, n*gga I kill for it, no lying I'm too real for it
Still forging my own path, my own staff, I'm a boss
I told her I'll be on fast, if we don't last, you're lost
But I still got you

[Hook: Mya]
I'm here to take what's mine
I got too much on the line
To let it slide
Cause I've been on the road
But I still got far to go
And I'll hold you down as soon as I get on
As soon as I get on

[Verse 2: Phil Ade]
My b*tch bad looking like a bag of money
It's nothing to bag a honey but one that actually love me
Yeah, it took awhile, she gave an inch and wished I took a mile
Instead I took her smile
Cause I was f*ckin with them hookers wild
Wow, man I thought that it could never be, never me
Now I see it clear like a seven deep camera
How she managed to do it I'll never know
Heaven knows, I'm used to Hilton rooms filled up with seven hoes
Now she got me all boo loving, leaving all of my old hoes
Sliding out like Cool Runnings, taking walks like old folks
Eating out til I got broke, dressing up like I sold coke
Hurts to know you're on birth control
Cause them clinic minutes was no joke
I did my portion of course I know that I put you through
A lot of bullsh*t, abortion is still a pus*y move
So I got to get it and get it now
Even if I have to take a couple n*ggas out
f*ck they talking bout


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