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Waves of poverty, of hope and desperation
Waves of tragedy, of death and desolation
Waves of fugitives forced to flee their broken homes
Hostile humankind can't you see you're f**king blind
Hostile humankind thinking with a narrow mind

Stranger, so far from home
There's a terror in your eyes
You whisper words of a hell unknown
Stranger in a sea unclear
The currents that drifted us now draw us near

Welcome to mayhem
Farewell to the world they know
Who's gonna save them?
Running from war to woe there's nowhere to go

Neighbour will you take my hand?
Is there still virtue in your heart
That will shelter me from dark?
Have you stopped to think and reflect that in this lifetime
Your child could be next?
All we show is neglect
Why do we disconnect the hearts
From the lives that fell apart?
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