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"Elena Part 3 The Final Chapter"

You are still the biggest part of my life my love for you stays locked deep in me this love could fit like a glove but to the side I got shoved when we was talking on the phone one day you said "I might not respond that fast cause I'm on the phone with my boy" girl listen he's finna play with you like a toy if he talks sh*t then I'll destroy I'm a pimp call me elroy I stack the chips without the ahoy you said you need a man but he is a boy I got the sauce like soy hit that dude in the mouth and leave him standing there like "doy!" Come be with me if you want some joy I got sh*t to do places to be and people to see half of them just want money from me I'm so high I can't see girl you're the rainbow in my sky that's full of grey I think about your stunning smile all day

(Verse 1)
Do you hear what bruce is singing? "Hello Sunshine Won't You Stay?" And for you I got all day baby girl you know you slay you're my sunshine and this ain't even the month of may I'm breathing in your love and together we'll rise above wait this is a different song but I still smoke out of my bong girl you got me in love I told you before I'm not a human I'm a dove my ice shines like a light he is so weak I won't have to use all my might girl you know Derald Wayne booming that t-pain girl you know it's true I love everything about you from your bangs to your nose piercing to your gorgeous hair that falls over your face like you don't care to your stunning eyes that shine bright even when you tell your lies

(Verse 2)
You know you're still beautiful even when you cry I'll keep trying Elena if you wanna lmk where you are b I can come and love ya your last man said "Derald your music is wack" I guess it's cause I got money and that's the sh*t he will always lack I'm unfazed I'll hit him a couple times and leave his ass dazed I don't care I'll do it sober or blazed girl you said "Money" I got it girl you rock my world you know you did I know sometimes I make you upset Shout Out to Katie cause without her we might not of ever met

(Verse 3)
It's Derald Wayne you already know you know you got that glow and I know you f**k with my flow after this drops my money will grow even if they hate me tho shout out to Cain Nolan that's my bro and Derald don't care yo we pull up 30 deep call that a stampede I won't stop even after he bleeds Elena you know I got what you need I just wanna inject you with my seed damn shorty's bad and I'm tryna be your baby's dad they can suck a d**k if they are mad like Freddie Mercury I want to break free girl just say what you want and you can get it from me diamonds, pearls, sex, twist and twirls you're the one that's gonna have my boys and girls gta 5 I'm Michael and you're Amanda without all the affairs

Elena I can open my hands like Jesus and save ya buy you the nicest house in topanga if they are upset we can tango and you always look sweet like some mango old days pull up in that dodge danrago I'm the man we all know he can't out do me I'll bust him in the mouth like Bruce Lee Elena all I see is you even when I'm feeling blue It's Derald Wayne I can make it rain pop some pills when I'm feeling pain look at my shoes that's his blood stain all these hoes but you're the main blowing on sour diesel I'll beat your last mans ass my hands are lethal you know me I'm Lil Derald and this was Elena Part 3

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