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We're making deals just to occupy
Space above you like an octopi
Make you wish you never wonder why
Make you wish you had an alibi

[Pre-Verse 1]
But every time you see us your alone
We wish to analyze your every bone
Mistaking you for the ones at home
Word is it irks from a place unknown

[Verse 1]
As long as it takes (As long as it takes)
We've come to control you
Don't make a mistake (Don't make a mistake)
And turn down the volume
That's all I will say (That's all I will say)
We won't try to mold you
It's all just a game

[Pre-Verse 2]
Government is something we designed
To make you all just wanna fall in line
Now we take you further back in time
Your memories we erase them all

[Verse 2]
As far as we've come (As far as we've come)
We want compensation
Don't make our mistake (Don't make our mistake)
Try easing the tension
That's all we can say (That's all we can say)
We won't even mention
It's all just a game

No president knows about us
Really how could anybody doubt us
Visit earth from a place unknown
Mistaking you for the ones at home


Mistaking me from the ones at home

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