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"Gone Too Long"

It's been too long and I can't do this baby (nah)
Said you're coming home but you've been gone too long (I'm sorry)
Its been too much (I know, I know) of the same thing baby (you right)
I can't take no more, you been gone too long

It started off asking you to pray for me
Now I'm on the phone begging you to wait for me
I've completed a lot of programs
So when I see the Board now they should have a day for me
Hear it in your voice that you're getting tired
When I ask do you Love me you getting quiet
One day at a time I'm just getting by it
When the meter runs out time get expired

This jail sh*t is corny, really startin' to bore me
And you gettin' fed up, on top of that you horny
Knew that it would happen, cause u couldn't assure me
Dealt with a n*gga that did time way before me
You ain't look happy to see me when you saw me
You don't even write me back you just ignore me
You don't even answer the jack you just record me
Guess I been gone too long you can't support me

In the penitentiary my name ring
When I come home it's the same thing
Guess you gotta take what the game brings
n*ggas change but a lot will remain wayne
Thinking about it while I sit here
Besides life ain't sh*t fair, I ain't heard from her this year
Guess I'll try to make it better when I get there

See I been holding you down for a minute
And its been like forever since we did it
And the nights have been hell without You baby
And everyday I feel like I'm going crazy
Cause you told That this would be the last time
But u said the same thing last time
And I promised myself that I'm through crying
So I guess I'ma have to kiss you goodbye


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