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"Y’all Haters"

LOX, D-Block, Swizz Beatz
It's almost over, y'all, Jada, how real is that?

[Hook] (x2)
Lights out, n*ggas, Jada
What's my motherf*ckin' name? Jada
Who I ain't f*ckin' with, huh? Y'all haters
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, n*ggas better get it right
b*tches better get it right

From the crack spots down in D.C., powder or the rock
Jadakiss, motherf*cker, from the, the, the block
Top five dead or alive, it's still the same
Said the real n*ggas is back to kill the lames
But somethin' ain't right, it don't feel the same
At this point in life, I'm too real to change
Dipped in my stash, splurged on the dweller
S550 coupe light yellow
Outside, I'm good for three; Mike Miller
If I get a DM from your girl, I might drill her
Hand-to-hand, I sold more grams than Thriller
All I f*ck with is ballplayers and killers
n*ggas is just gettin' ill, I been iller
Bank account similar to Ben Stiller's
I di*k down chicks, all emerged in my veins
After I get 'em, send 'em with birds on a plane
I'm tryin' to be beefin' with all these nerds in the game
Purple haze and heroin merged with the 'caine
Messin' with Jada, another rapper found slain
Usually they actors that try to act around dames
I've realized that you cats are wowin'
I can't stop them, my stacks are Yao Ming
Before you even know it, murder, bang
I ain't seen sh*t and I ain't heard a thing

[Hook] (x2)

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