"Look In Your Eyes"

[Chorus: REO Speedwagon]

You should have seen by the look in my eyes Baby
There was something missing
You should have known by the tone of my voice maybe
But you didn't listen

[Intro: Bleu Davinci]
Told y'all n***as
sh*t ain't got stop n***a
Y'all fittin' to hate this

[Verse 1: Bleu Davinci]
While me and my n***as bubble the streets
n***as still trying to knock me off
For real they come where I sleep
And don't put nuttin' but some hoes in a jeep
That's why I put my faith in the Lord
But still caressing the heat
And in this jungle where they kill and they eat
I stand still with the Lion
Big Meech and the rest of the fleet
Convicted felons is what they said we would be
Look up it's 05'
They was screaming that sh*t in 03'
You can't see?
This sh*t come from less than an OZ
Living in Big's sh*t
Resting with OG's
Test if it's gon be
Death if it's gon be
Getting rich, going broke
I'ma' stay being me!
See the hurt in the tone of my speech
No matter if it's birds or the words that I speak
I'ma' eat
You should've seen by the look on my face
No matter if I ever drop an album
I'ma' still get cake
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