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"Still Feel Me"

Uh-huh, real life sh*t
Na'mean, true story
Feel me, matter of fact still feel me
Uh, yeah

Ayo, past few years sh*t got so ill
Kinda hard for the God to laugh through tears
I went through something with momma, no drama
Something that came and went, real life karma
My pop think his son is deserting him, its hurtin him
Guess I gotta be the man, sit down and work with him
My little boy 7, he the sequel to the thug
So I told him the money will never equal the love
Listen I'm grown y'all
When it comes to my family it ain't never a problem, it's only a phone call
They tend to take that and run with it
So every other month I be on some new phone, new number sh*t
They violated Stay again
Gus totaled the Beamer and broke Kay leg again
Shhh, let us pray again
And I ain't get enough of hanging in the local bars yet
Had to let the thing off, 'cross town in the projects
All these rumors and sh*t, I ain't get robbed yet
b*tch ass n*ggas ain't stop acting like broads yet
In arm reach off a gun and a mask
Somebody clipped me for a hundred in cash
Still feel me, I hit the road try to get more grip
It was cool 'til a muh'f*cking tour bus flipped
Uh, no charges brought up, b*tch popped up with a kid
Got caught up, then I put a court up
Now the road to the riches is taking me longer
It ain't kill yet so it making me stronger
I don't know if its the hate, frustration, or hunger
That keep a n*gga going, rapping for a reason
sh*t don't just don't happen, sh*t happens for a reason
I'm that dude, like it or love it
I do my thing in the hood, and get right with a budget
Ain't afraid to give my life to the public
And when you see me next time maybe we can further discuss
How my 16's give you a visual
I know you thinking he ain't really selling, how he live off residuals
But right now the game is pitiful
n*ggas is lonely, they need company 'cause they miserable
Yeah, uh-huh sh*t it still real B
That's why I want you to still feel me

Still feel me, one, I'm out

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