"Have Mercy"

[Hook: French Montana]
Woah, have mercy on me, uh
Have mercy on me Father
Cause I've been robbin', I've been stealin'
I've been messed up, haah
For that big gold chain, slang cocaine
Don't get gassed up, haah
There's n***as gettin' murdered, murder, murder
Show you sh*t you never heard of
Have mercy on me, oh

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Oh la-la-la, La-da-dum
You could break bread or let the bread break you
You can make choices or let choices make you
Came from a hole in hell with hella hoes
Shawty knees weak like Derrick Rose
Baby I'm the one like four quarter
Our Father, I was baptized in dirty water
Lost my right hand, I'm on a different time
Put 5 holes in your face, Olympic sign
Servin' straight white, Gwen Stefan'
Talkin'-talkin' bout, bad breaks, straight grind
I'm in Highland, shawty gone, alien
Came from the corner now homie rockin' stadiums
Couple dollars what the homie kill for
Money order what a killer wish for
Squad have mercy, left the gun range, hopped in the Rover
Woke up, the n***a seen her with a chip on my shoulder
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