"Child Abuse"

Yo green lets launch this muthaf**ker (invasion) eheh eheh eheh

Alot of n***as lost their pops to the drug game
Other n***as lost their blocks when the thugs came
They knew how to box they ain't know bout the slug game
Soon as the money get right,thats when the love change
n***as know who to call when they want raw, Kiss is the corner stone of the corner store
D-Block general he stay shinning
In the back of the van 2k9ing
My dope so strong is giving fiends the hiccups, coke so high it got n***as doing stickups
Found out another n***a dead light the piff up,make sure one is in the head load the fifth up(every verse deserves a pullback 3x)

Play my hand right babe I held aces
None on the scene but blood and shell cases
Nike gloves on the team they can't trace us
Snitches on the witness protection getting facelifts
These n***as would never be able to f**k with me
Say my grave before I give em a buck 50
Whole hood with me they hating be on spiffy
Everything is a short shot none iffy
Feel dancing with the devil on occasions
My delivery is incredible and amazing
Listen when ain't selling records am sellinq haze in
Bout to have the sour and the kush in a couple dayz in
Back to these faggot ass industry n***as, everybody consider yourself enemy n***as
Headshot same way it did Kennedy n***as
Me P and Louch is the rap trinity n***as
And it's all real here ain't no scripts to it
Jail n***as spending yard n burn sticks to it
Other n***as zone out knock off bricks to it
Double then an Add lib light lil mix to it
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