"F vs. J Intro"

At night, I lie awake and this man is...is burning
Every waking moment, he haunts me
I think he’s coming
I know he’s coming
I see someone else...in the fog...by the lake
And he’s holding something...
Who is he?

(Ted Smooth, straight face, you remember!)

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
Yeah, it’s gettin' spooky out here
All the Nino Browns done turned Pookie out here
No cool n***as, it’s just goofies out here
I mean, n***as is eating pork wearing kufis out here
Through it all, stood tall, Doofy out here
Ten toes down, I’m on two feet out here
Truthfully, out here, I’ll be too flee out here
Getting fly, no bullsh*t, I’m the 2-3 out here
From Jordans you ain’t see, shoutout to Carolina

To all baby me’s, I see all you Harold Miners
Mixtape three-peats, I fadeaway at the go-go
With girls that’ll spread they legs open for a logo, ay
Check out the swag, yo, I walk like a ball player
To the locker room, I’m back to c*ck it to ‘em
Toast to all you n***as that was talkin’ caca to ‘em

We on a different FLŌH, we ain’t sendin’ vodka to ‘em
The shots that we giving make you send a doctor to ‘em
Bet he say ‘aah’ when it blocka-blocka to ‘em

Now he in a awkward room tryna lock a goon
Like the shooter had a hood on, mighta been Dr. Doom
Sounded like a fifth or a nine, couldn’t tell though

All a sudden, thunder, it mighta been Hoodie Melo
You soft as pudding Jell-O, we’ll come to your hood and "Hello"
Wave it at everybody, ain’t tryna be put in jail though
All I know is that the Lambo look good in yellow
And I be swervin' potholes in every hood and ghetto

Lame n***a, swerve, I lame n***a swerve
It’s been 10 years and you the same n***a, swerve!
I just gotta keep on keepin' on
But I’m not gon’ be the one you keep on sleepin' on
This verse right here be your worst nightmare

I just laugh at you n***as then come after you n***as
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