"Set it Off"

Set it off, set it off, set it off, set it
Set it off, set it off, set it off

[Jay aka Jadakiss]
I'm saying "What!" to n***as that act like wreck
When I flash the Tec and hit a n***a in his neck
With two slugs, blood is a sign of vic
And if his b*t*h wanna snitch she can bite the d**k
That's my word, anything goes for the hoes
I'm snatching rings, earrings, jewels and clothes

From the ghetto, trying to get my hands on a ki
So f**k Mike cause n***as wanna be like me
They think I'm crazy, n***a, like a bag of dust
I don't listen to the fuss cause I'm trying to bust
With the motherf**king BM drop, 325
By the way, me and my crew, we real live
Get absurd and hit a n***a with the bloody birds
n***as can't f**k around with the bloody words

[Sheik aka Sheek Louch]
A-yo, I buck shots at midnight like I'm a f**king crook
Do stick-ups, head North, get the cash and book
I make ends but it depends on the type of vic
If it's a dealer the Tec-9 will kill him quick
Who's to say if I won't, money, and if I will?
I let it rip and up close and watch your temple spill
Mad blood everywhere but who says I did it?
Bullets they caught but in my gun, it wouldn't have fitted
Cause I'm blasting with the cannon every f**king hour
.22s don't work, I need a double power
Watch your back for The Warlocks, hit the street
And stay low for the stray bullets past your meat
Mad young but I don't give a hoot
So I just pollute
and kicking heads with my f**king boot
So put your d**ks up, money, or head North
Or head for the border before my squad decide to set it off
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