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"Set it Off"

Set it off, set it off, set it off, set it
Set it off, set it off, set it off

[Jay aka Jadakiss]
I'm saying "What!" to n*ggas that act like wreck
When I flash the Tec and hit a n*gga in his neck
With two slugs, blood is a sign of vic
And if his b*tch wanna snitch she can bite the di*k
That's my word, anything goes for the hoes
I'm snatching rings, earrings, jewels and clothes
From the ghetto, trying to get my hands on a ki
So f*ck Mike cause n*ggas wanna be like me
They think I'm crazy, n*gga, like a bag of dust
I don't listen to the fuss cause I'm trying to bust
With the motherf*cking BM drop, 325
By the way, me and my crew, we real live
Get absurd and hit a n*gga with the bloody birds
n*ggas can't f*ck around with the bloody words

[Sheik aka Sheek Louch]
A-yo, I buck shots at midnight like I'm a f*cking crook
Do stick-ups, head North, get the cash and book
I make ends but it depends on the type of vic
If it's a dealer the Tec-9 will kill him quick
Who's to say if I won't, money, and if I will?
I let it rip and up close and watch your temple spill
Mad blood everywhere but who says I did it?
Bullets they caught but in my gun, it wouldn't have fitted
Cause I'm blasting with the cannon every f*cking hour
.22s don't work, I need a double power
Watch your back for The Warlocks, hit the street
And stay low for the stray bullets past your meat
Mad young but I don't give a hoot
So I just pollute and kicking heads with my f*cking boot
So put your di*ks up, money, or head North
Or head for the border before my squad decide to set it off

Set it off, yo, set it off (Repeat 4X)

[MC Lotto]
I know you n*ggas don't want drama cause I'mma tear that ass out the frame
I was born insane and surrounded by the drug game
And ain't a damn thing changed, I still chill
With the Glock on the block trying to make a mill
n*ggas is done for fun, so don't test, son
I find a victim and stick him and move to the next one
Serial killer, but I ain't after Captain Crunch
I murdered the Brady Bunch cause I'm out to lunch
Lost my brain in the drug game, I love to do the wrong thing
I make g's from selling ki's of cocaine
No judge can judge me, police can't touch me
Watch out, sh*t's about to get ugly
I got the Tec, so respect the Main Source
MC Lotto, yeah, I came to set it off

[Sha-Queen aka Ma Barker]
Yo, watch the evil spirit rise when n*ggas get me fed
I slash a b*tch and leave her weave up in the bloodshed
A heartless b*tch with a switch giving b*tches stitches
I got a backyard that's full of f*cking dead snitches
And plus this chick is flowing slick it's coming from the mental
No shame in my game, I'm aiming for your f*cking temple
And plus I'm coming equipped with the mad styles
The n*ggas I kill will go down with chalk profiles
Yeah, you bloody roughneck, my style's damn good
The sh*t I kick is taking motherf*ckers manhood
So all that sh*t you plan on talking yo, you won't be able
So watch your mouth before you catch a fist that rocks your cradle
And now you know my state of mind that I'm letting off
And any time that I rhyme I'm gonna set it off


[Mikey D]
Yo back the f*ck up, before I catch a body
I'm giving n*ggas boxes
And that's including motherf*cking hotties
So get your pistols and your posse if you think you can stop me
I open 'em up like a autopsy
I got a crew of n*ggas waiting for the combat
If we can't get you we stepping where your mom's at
So all that rah-rah sh*t gotta cease, I pop my leash
If it's beef you ain't leaving in one piece
I drink a forty and I take over 40 Blocks
n*ggas with Glocks give me props, they say, "Shorty rocks"
From 40 Projects to 40 acres and a mule
Knock out a 40, then I'm knocking out 40 fools
If they ever try to get with the nitwit, forget this
The hitlist and crippling the witness
I gotta get it off, when I let it off
Straight up and down, motherf*ckers, I set it off

[Hook x2]

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