"Load My Gun"

[Intro: Styles P]
L-O-X sh*t, n***a
Trinity, ayy
Hah (hah)

[Verse 1: Styles P]
Whatchu think we do this sh*t for? n***a, we was p*ss poor
Coke on the fifth floor
Fourth to the third and the second and the first and the sixth
Outside from the first to the sixth
Flippin' on a brick that I got from a Spanish n***a
Standin' with the cannon just ready to blam a n***a
Skippin' on a court 'cause the judge'll remand a n***a
n***as say it's love but I know they can't stand a n***a, yeah
I'm familiar with the life
I got the f**k out 'cause I'm familiar with the night
And a knife and the ice and a car that is high priced
Gettin' knocked from the cops and spinnin' the yard twice
Thousand push-ups a night, hittin' the bar twice
Reminiscin' over pu**y and money and bar fights
Me? I hit the X and get hit in the hard right
'Bout to blend in with the stars, my n***a, I'm alright
Half sun, half moon, my n***a, I'm all bright
If you f**k with The LOX, you know that it's on sight
Master of the goon talk, yet and still a wizard barefoot in a blizzard
I could f**k around and moonwalk
Hustle, I could talk to a fork, knock a spoon off
May pay me enough, n***a, I knock June off
It's the Phantom, call me an entity
Soul is real, old, my n***a, couple of centuries, yeah
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