"Gangster, Gangster"

[Hook 2X: Styles P]
Sheek Louch is a gangster, gangster
Jadakiss is a gangster, gangster
Styles P is a gangster, D-Block
Won't you come f**k with a gangster, gangster

[Styles P]
You don't get nothin but gun shells
I ain't on the bar, Louch pass me the dumbbells
I'm in war mode, they in more mode
Body after body so the story was foretold
Twist 'em up real tight just like a cornrow, stick in they hair grease
Bullets in ya eye and your earpiece
Bullets whistle like canary for canaries
Your stones is yellow but so is the owner
Ain't a Blood but I'll make him a donor
Crash the whip at the dealer tryin to get me a loaner
Got a spliff that I dipped in Corona
f**k around make you sip some ammonia
Karma, put your ass in a coma
Ain't nobody give a f**k if you paralyzed
'Kiss pass the saw so I can shave down to barrel size
Said he was the king 'til he looked in the pharaoh eyes
Blow was the bulb was the verse as the arrow ride
What n***a!
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