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"No Selfies"

[Intro: Sheek Louch]
D-Block!! Ayo Glazer!
Ayo ayo U-Neek (Where that liquor at son?)
Sometimes you gotta grab one of these break beats real quick
And just body that sh*t you nah mean?
New York style, ayo 'Kiss, ayo Styles!

[Verse 1: Sheek Louch]
You muh'f*ckers know I'm travelin' the globe
And I rock like I'm rhymin' in the Rogue
Breakdancing in the strobe (WOO!)
Pop lockin', Glock poppin', black stockin'
Yankee hat low, we in here, club rockin (D-Block!!!)
Smokin' like a chimney (chimney)
Smokin' like I'm in a pool piff for n*ggas to come get me
Get me?! Thirty on my wrist boy (yeah!)
Crash the whip, two hundred on my next tour (woo!)
f*ck we need to talk about?! (HA!)
It’s no talkin when the muh'f*ckin guns is out
Can't rap with your muh'f*ckin lung out
I-G ain't the same with your tongue out
Ch'yeah! We murderers, n*gga
Mighty mighty D-Block, yeah you heard of us, n*gga (no doubt)
My money ain't the same youngin (no)
I could Throw It In The Bag like Fab said at Tiffany stores (okay)
I could pull up in a boat on any one of these shores
I still got the money from my last three tours
S-s-s-sell merch make a hundred back
Sold crack, had to run like a runnin' back (Donnie!!!)
I'm sorry your honor
I'm married to the streets, so I married 'juana (let's go!)
Blow sum'n or get rich n*gga!!!
And stop takin' selfies you b*tch n*gga!!!!

[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
Uh, yeah 'cause that ain't cool
Tryin' to be somethin' you ain't, but that ain't you
I pop tags everyday, but the gat ain't new
And you don't have to believe this, but that ain't true
I could make you disappear, I'll vanish you
I'm in the hood on every corner like Spanish food
A lot of these dudes is thirsty, famished too
Yeah, money, n*gga, that's what the plan is too
I will rap circles around him and his crew (uh huh)
Put one fifty on it like ten to two
I'm an animal, I belong in the zoo
I'm use to winnin, I do what the winners do
A couple hundred thou' whenever I'm in the mood
Cemetery silence when I'm in the room (SHHH!!!)
I will pay for his casket, and his tomb
I got him hazed up, yak'd up and I'm shroomed
Gets busy with the hawk, n*gga, and I boom
Choppers in the crib f'in it in my room
Bailin' everybody out me and my goons
If they remand me, Walkman, in my looms
'Cause all I need is a little weed in my tombs
You wake up and your life could just end by noon
S-s-s-s-so blow sum'n or get rich n*gga!
And stop takin' selfies you b*tch n*gga!
What, what?!

[Verse 3: Styles P]
No selfies, no usies
Thinkin I'ma calm down n*ggas is so lucky
Charles Lee Ray these n*ggas you know Chucky
Homie got life in the cell you know Bucky
Wanna see a killer at work, n*gga? than touch me
My gun talked to me, he tellin' me don't tuck me
Might sound crazy, only you better pay me
That kid take a knap, I'll kidnap the baby (word)
I'll take the gun and butt f*ck your lady
'Kiss got the weed, I'll bet you it smell hazy
I got the weed, I bet you'll smell sour
Louch get a word, I'll kill you the next hour
See your mom later, I'm givin that b*tch flowers
I ain't sh*t, at least I know it
Got a pound full of weed and at least I blow it
Got the mic plugged in, at least I'm flowin'
I got plants out in Cali at least I'm growin'
Yeah-y-y-yeah but I ain't mature
Said I wanna kill n*ggas but that ain't for sure
What's a bong a bamboo if it ain't the raw?! (yeah)
Might blow the dutch with 'Kiss
Or me and Sheek Louch might f*ck your b*tch (D-Block)
Blow sum'n or get rich n*gga!
And stop takin' selfies you b*tch n*gga!

[Outro: Sheek Louch & Jadakiss]
And stop takin' selfies you b*tch n*gga!!!! (WOO!)
And stop takin' selfies you b*tch n*gga!!!! (What what what!)
And stop takin' selfies you b*tch n*gga!!!! (WOO!)

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