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"Inkredible 3 (Remix)"

[Rick Ross]

Trae I see ya, Rozay
Know what it is

My attitude is f*ck it, house big as publix
Shopping is a pleasure, pinky ring or nugget
n*ggas like the ride, sip lean out the bucket
I lean to the side, white whip Michael Douglas
Hard times, call for drastic measures
I call my dog, he bought a mac 11
40 rounds hollerin where the yola at?
n*gga dead serious, chopper with a shoulder strap
Microphone, Michael corleone I know I’m wrong
The man up above love for me to sing them poems
So sing along, you know the song I sing
Bring them things along, I gotta feed the team
It’s Rozay, I need 100 bottles
Yellow b*tches, all of em swallow
H town, n*gga 305
I can move them packs, each and every night

[Lil Wayne]

All-red plaid shirt, skinny ass jeans on
Them goons at your front door, choppers out, ding dong
Didn’t I change the game and put my motherf-cking team on
Now let my chopper ring, Baka is my ringtone
f*ck you ho-ass n*ggas, I get money and get over hoes
We hold court with them heaters
Pop, case open, closed
Looking for a b*tch to hop up on my totem pole
And my blunt be stupid-fat, double-stuffed, Oreos
And I get loaded til I motherf-cking overload
Been rapping, flows still tight like aerobic’s clothes
Ask them b*tches, I told em hoes
They back it up like Sunnydrive and Bronx Tale closure tho
Lighter in my pocket, light the sky rocket
Pull em hammers out and run them n*gga’s like Stocktons
Got some n*ggas from my city
Thugga, Dizzy, Flow
Sorry 4 the Wait, coming soon, Carter IV, beyotch!


Ughh, chyea
Triple black panamera phantom of the streets
Quarterbackin bricks on top of these glass cleats
All these stones on my my neck and wrist part of the streets
Used to tip on something endangered now its part of my seats
I’m in the hood under surveillance buncha haters watchin
Couple choppers out for dinner, failin ain't an option
Reclinable seats, invisible ceilings
Competition is murder, haters i’m killin
f*ck a money machine, I dont count it I blow it
b*tch my money conceited, it look good when I throw it
I’m a as*h*le, therefore my temper is reckless
I’m the city of Houston, you can tell em its Texas
The king of the streets, somewhere deep with gorillas
Behind something thats tinted, b*tch you see the gorillas
These other dudes yellin truth, they only imitation
And when I see them its f*ck ‘em minus the penetration


Uhuh, yea, uh
We're gettin situated, I know you b*tches hate it
I’m in a new Aston, the one Swizz created
I can't give you a dime, but I can get you faded
Before you become a member you get initiated
A lot of racks, big ice, heavy weapon
The hood still love me cuz I never left them
I distribute it, I get rid of it
Its all comin back, every bit of it
I’m territorial, its your memorial
But dont feel bad, I’m talkin to all of you
This is real sh*t, and thats nonsense
I got AKs, I got Thompsons
I got investors, I get sponsors
They scared of the crew, I’m wit monsters
It ain't nothin for sure but we touchin the raw
And they gotta let us in or we rushin the door

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