"We Make It Look feat. Jadakiss"

I came up out the struggle, was in & out of trouble
And hard-headed my confidence was anything but subtle I was standing in the rain my tears felt like a puddle
So I trained myself to hustle like nobody hustled
I built an empire in my mind him sire on the shrine reciting through the wire line by line
Cus man I nearly died @ the wheel too
Now I make the foreign skirt skirt when I peel through
I'm about to grab this f**king game by the ankles & watch the money fall
Summertime we out @ the Rucker playing money ball
Truthfully I don't really feel nann one of y'all
Sold 20 mil & I'm still playing the underdog
But Rufin always told me I would stand out I just had to engineer the buzz to make it pan out
So yeah it's Vinyl Crown we coming for the Title now
Just line em up I'll knock em down

Doing 200 on the (Freeway)
Living life like it's my (BDAY)
Everyday like we on (Replay)
sh*t we make it look (Easy)
Yeah we make it look (Good)

Flying Private on the (Weekday)
Got models out in (Each State)
Sippin' gold bottles of the (Clique)
sh*t we make it look (Easy)
Yeah we make it look (Good)
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