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"Everything’s A Go (Remix)"

[Hook: French Montana]
And everything's a go go go go go go go go go go go go
Juu heard
I know you heard about it
All that money over there, don't worry about it
A hundred stacks, blow it up for fun
South side, that's where I'm from
You can call it that, you can call it that
You can call it that, you can call it that
And everything's a go go go go go go go go go go go go

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Hottest in the game
Wrist watch chain
Getting to the bread then I skate like Wayne
OJ Mayo, grizzly time, big Ado
Shots hit the same hole seven times
Good aim, good brain in the rain
Shawty brainstorm
Then she bend it back let me plank on it, haaa
I just bought a mansion, through plates on it
Long bread, five star like Baby's bald head

[Verse 2: Birdman]
Flashy lifestyle
n*gga we the business
Candy paint blood red, six figures
Tommy guns travel with my other b*tches
My other b*tches taking trips, n*gga making digits
Hustle full time n*gga for the shine
Big money poppin' do it big time
n*gga poppin' off so we spent a Ben
Drop a hundred on the set, blowin' in the wind
Allegating for the paper, territory mind
Count a hundred stacks for the sunshine
Maybach payed n*gga, drop the top
Triple color on the blaze, n*gga open shop


[Verse 3: Wale]
First off, I know you heard about me
So don't offend me
Got more pennies than Anfernee probably
What do you know?
I'm the type to make a broad lose her top and her ego
Bet she let the whole team go
She wanna kick it with a n*gga like he Ronaldinho
Uptown they all go
Landover to the falls though
Can't forget about Mope though, came back through with a black ghost
Everything's a all go
We don't like the law though
Givenchy made this black hoody
Motherf*cker raw though

[Verse 4: Fabolous]
Money talks, I know you've heard about me
And you broke n*ggas better not say a word about me
They first doubt me, thirst out, then worrying about me
The realest sh*t you ever wrote would be a verse about me
Indoor pool, that's where her mouth be
Got that handbag head, suck the purse out me
She ain't your b*tch, you just call her that
You keep giving her cheese, that's how you spawn a rat
That sh*t cray, di*k ridin', that sh*t gay
n*ggas on my ball so hard, they be in my b*tch way
Them Mexicans just called me
I just got that green light
Everything's a bet bet
You know what that mean right?


[Verse 5: Jadakiss]
Either I'm on the go, or I'm on the low
I knock a hundred off, I cop a hundred more
Now it's adding up
We used to have it rough
But when you know how much you got you ain't got enough
One foot in the trap, other foot in the booth
I could look in your eyes, cause I'm spitting the truth
Hand to hand, turn into to the whole strip
Everything is a go, let 'em have the whole clip
Yea, do it without even blinking
Spend a quarter million without even thinking
We got it for cheap, get the things for the low
It's a green light, everything is a go

[French Montana]
Yea yea
Yea yea
Yea yea

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