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"Da Kid From Haiti Interlude"



Lauryn: Hello?
Wyclef: Yo, it's me
Lauryn: Hey, what's going on?
Wyclef: Nothing, i'm here in Haiti
Lauryn: What you doing?
Wyclef: I'm playin with my kid
Lauryn: *laughs*
Wyclef: So, uh...
Lauryn: What's the deal?
Wyclef: I'm here with Pras
Pras: Yeah
Lauryn: Yo, Pras, what's going on?
Pras: I'm here with Wyclef in Haiti
Lauryn: Yeah
Wyclef: Yeah, man
Pras: We playin with my kid
Wyclef: *laughs* f*ck you man!
Pras: f*ck you!

*both laughs*

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