Phone Messages (Part 1)
[Rodney J*rkins]
Ayo, this is Rodney 'Darkchild’ J*rkins
Leave me a voicemail and I'll get back

[Funkmaster Flex]
Yo, what's up, big daddy?
It’s Funkmaster Flex
First of all, let's deal with the So Plush situation
I need that album, baby
It's kinda hot in the street
I need the So Plush album, it's important
I know you're making a lot of money right now
You're getting 300 thousand a track
I heard about the Bentleys and the Mercedes
The Maseratis, you know what I mean?
I also heard about the plane, you know
The, the car that Michael Jackson guy got you the big Suburban
You know what I mean, with the PVs and the, and the uh
And the, the headrests and the uh, with
And the currents and all of that, man
But I need the So Plush album
Let's make it pop, aight?
Funkmaster Flex, one

Yo, what up man?
It's Timbaland - yo, man
When can I get my ’plush’, you know what I'm saying?
Cars are plush, but when can I get, you know
That music that’s plush, you know what I'm saying?
I need that right now
So can you give me that, please?
My brother, easy now
So I'ma go buy me another plush car
Put on the plush system
So I can get this 'plush CD’
You hear me, easy now

Hey, RJ - it's Brandy
I was calling to ask you
Where is my fan's copy of the So Plush album?
Where is it, I need you to get it to me
Heard about it, I heard it was hot, so...
Get it to me, okay?
Alright, angel - love you, bye

Yo, Rodney
What's up, it's Tyrese
I need to get a hold of that So Plush album
Get them girls on the airplay
They was on fire
Get at me, Rodney
Let me know when that So Plush album is coming out
I need to cop that for real
Alright, I'm saying for real
So Plush, please get at me, yeah
Yo, Rodney - this Nas
Let's go J*rkins, what up, baby?
Yo, when that so So Plush album coming out, baby?
Tryna see that, man, you know?
Holla at me to get it
Number's 1-800 555
Let's go, make it holla at your boy
Get me that 'plush' album, aight?

[Toni Braxton]
Hey, what's up darling?
This is Toni Braxton
I was just calling you 'cause I got a question to ask you
I wanna know, where can I get some of that So Plush album to me?
Everything okay at home, so you can call me
And let a girl know, alright?
Talk to you soon, baby
Lots of kisses, bye bye

[Kevin 'She'kspere' Briggs]
Yo, Darkchild
What up, baby?
This is Kev
Yeah, I heard, when you dropping that 'plush' album?
Holla back, one
Yo, Rodney, what's up, man?
It's Pras, man
Yo, listen, man
I've been tryna reach out to you, man
Yo, please, man
Stop fronting, man
I need to get that So Plush album, man?
Know what I'm saying?
You've been promising me the last time I saw you at Sony Studios
You said you was gon' hit me up, man
You know, I've been at The Hit Factory, man
So, hit me with that, man
I need that 'plush' album, man
'Cause this is hot
That's the word on the streets, man
Aight, keep me pushing to the sky

[Michael Jackson]
Uh, hello Rodney
This is Michael Jackson calling
And I'm calling to ask you
Where's my So Plush CD that you promised me?
I mean, it's July now, and I still
I still don't have it