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Cattle Decapitation

"Rotting Children for Remote View"

Observe the opened thorax
Cracked sternum revealing respiratory and cardiac landscapes
For the viewing by zombified children
Olfactory overload from the stench of life
Superior to the abdominals
Inferior to anesthetized cortex
Reverberating timbres of the cracking thoracic
As if peeling melted duct tape

Stimulus - transmission
Reaction - desensitized

Prodded visceral lining
Slice through the fascia
To view the surging capillaries
Too much for the rotting innocent
Vomit in the sterile cavity
Days old chime brews to fuming combustion
Exploding the contents - releasing the rot stench
Remotely viewing the depravity of homo-sapiens

Transcend your consciousness
To this very existence
Through the eyes of dead children
Rich soil now tainted

And I see humanity
And I see a pool of blood
And I see your molding cadaver
And I see you dead

Pancreas, kidneys, lungs, liver, intestines
Segments of traced epidermis-dividing its sections
Unknowingly kept alive-demoralized!
In the presence of rotted children

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