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Cattle Decapitation

"World Full of Idiots"

We are united for the resistance
I shall kill the self, not before the work is done
We salivate at the thought of your demise=extinction
We urge your death and entertain the idea of your funeral...

The blade is sharp their brains are dull - billions line up for the guillotine
Valleys now become basins, mountains turn into islands
Crimson floe - the dead bloat
Bodies float as the blood table rises

We hate you, that's obvious
Your expiration sounds glorious

Waves of plasma, the dead adrift in the stream
The blood seems to go on forever...

We urge demise (f*cking humanity)
We want revenge (destroy humanity)
We need resolution (dissolve humanity)
Retribution through aggressive human dissolution

Humans for human annihilation

Birthing the naught

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