"Better Half of Me (R3HAB Remix)"

[Verse 1]
You'll always be my number one
A whole lot more than good enough
I'm giving everything I've got to gain every second lost
Six years just ain't enough
With you, I'm happy being me
Don't pretend, 'cause I don't need to
When I'm a thousand miles from home, still never on my own
When you whisper down the phone

Well, I guess we never saw this coming
Halfway around the world calling
But I just want you to know

That I'd have all I need
If you were standing right in front of me
I'll finally see what it means to be complete
Don't need to spend our lives chasing gold
Anywhere with you, I'll call my home
Oh, I'd have all I need
If you'd be the better half of me

[Verse 2]
I'm still up, it's 4 AM
Is this Amsterdam or Berlin?
I'm just waiting for the day I finally get to say
These words face to face
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