Daughter lyrics

Crystal Lewis

Daughter, if you only knew
The extent of my love for you
Daughter, if you could see
Just how much you mean to me

How my heart aches o'er your sorrows and sighs
How my heart breaks o'er your hurting and cries
How i long to comfort you with my
Truth and tenderness

I want to hold your face in my hands
Remind you that i, i am that i am
Let my love wash away, the stains of the day
Don?t fret or fear, i?m here...

Daughter, i'm aware of your pain
I'm aware of your guilt and your shame
Daughter, the reason i came
To rescue, redeem and to save

I know that you've felt alone and confused
I know that you've been angry and abused
I know that healing can only come through
Sweet surrender

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