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"Predestined Lives"

No one is getting nearer
Every time I say
They say that I'm not a mirror
But you must play this game

Within your deepest thoughts
I sense affection for real
No matter how hard I try
You don't know how I feel

Lead the sun before it's too late
Reach out, don't let me suffocate
Come on, make my melodies, time passes by

Tell me now we used truth you say
Little witch come over rest and play
Pray god for your love for me now is the place

On no! My feelings are sincere
Encircle me with heaven feelings
Extremity's coming near
No time for evolution
My heart is cold as ice
Surrender all your feelings
I will give you paradise

Heaven have my prays been heard
Don't fall away blind cause it is human being
Heaven, the sky turns blue again
Reunited have predestined lives

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