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The Vision Bleak

"The Valkyrie"

The grim madness of the battlefields
Of violence, blodshed and death
Crushed bodies and broken shields
Brave man take their last breath

Thither was called the valkyrie
Death-angel – a saviour in guise
But grim, so cold and wintery
Armored with desired demise

Over the mountains
The glorious ride
Out of the darkness
Into the light

Wonderous their enigma
Beauteous and cruel
Phantasm or Reality?
Light-bearer or ghoul?

In all the chaos and the earthen weight
Of torment, torture and pain
She elects the ones to elevate
From the perished and the slain

The ride is wild and ominous
Empyreal and arcane
In her arms the answer's found
To all quests profound

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