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The Wildhearts

"Just In Lust"

How you been? it's been awhile, I heard you found someone to make you smile
Stick around, you got a pen? it's just so great to see your face again
A-take a chair, pull up a glass, do you remember when I saw you last?
Things have changed, and no regret, I'm glad we got to share a little etiquette

One of these days in a classical way I was just in lust with you
Shutting out fire where the flame of two lie I was just in lust with you
And in the passion that plays in a chemical haze I was just in lust with you

I know you felt it too

'cos I miss you, but not that much, we only shared a little human touch
Nothing wrong or impolite - you're acting like pleasures got a copyright
So so so so backtrack, get the record straight, we only had a day to intimate
No one signed on the dotted line, we never said there'd ever be a second time

You know I felt it too

So why the worry, so why the guilt, huh? (o-o) so why (o-o) deny a night under the quilt?
So we were lonely, so we agreed: we only did it for the company

Things is wrong and things is right, things got a way of changing overnight
What's so wrong in turning on? instead of being alone when the chances are gone

'cos it was...
D'you know, 'cos you, you felt it too

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