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Trisha Paytas

"Tyler Durden vs Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt Rap Battle)"

Yo, the name is Cliff Booth
I'm from 1969
My movies up for Oscars now, and your's is on rewind
I'm still relevant in this 2019
Dropping acid, saving asses
Picking up these hippies and young lasses
Yeah, the only action you get is in someone else's head
In a purple sh*tty robe in a messy crack den
I've got 20 years on you and I'm still looking hotter
You're a soap salesman and a glorified squatter

Is that all you got?
Not bad for an old man
You're only fit 'cause you're eatin' out your dog's can
You're 50 years old and you're still in a trailer
I'm Tyler Durden b*tch, not the damn narrator

Do you really think that it's smart to mess with me?
I bash skulls for sport and I do it for free
I can never be caught and even when I glitch
I'm still thankful I'm not Rick Dalton's b*tch

Yeah, he's a good man and I do my best
Sharon Tate survived 'cause I'm that badass
How many died on your watch tell me this
'Cause his name is Robert Paulson, but you call him b*tch tits
Your toxic masculinity destroyed the world
Hashtag me too, here's some salt, now burn
I go toe to toe to rap and you just rhyme
Now you're in my life
You're running out of time

Can't be in your life, 'cause I don't exist
My twist was so epic, Keyser Soze was p*ssed
Your ending was dull, 5 minutes tops
Is that how long you last in the nursing home pops
You're blinder than George, 'cause you can't clearly see
That Brad Pitt's career was made because of me
You got overshadowed by an astronaut
Hey old cowboy actor, Maleficent you are not
Ooh, did that burn deep, that's chemicals you twat
The only salty thing is a stuntman with no job
Go back to Spahn ranch and stay doing hippy sh*t
I'm Tyler frickin' Durden, don't you forget it

Okay young buck, yeah, you need to calm down
Get a new wardrobe, 'cause you dressin' like a clown
You think you're so tough 'cause you threatening life
Don't push me b*tch or you'll end up like my wife
Don't need to prove I'm a man, I fight when I have to
First rule of my club, don't talk about Cliff Booth

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