"Our Broken Anthem"

I am hopeless
Thrashing and crashing down
Screaming silence
Letting out no sound
Spilling my guts
Over and over again
I can feel solace sinking in
Here we go

I've cried, I've hoped, I've lied
The story's always the same
I'm not okay, no way
So take me up higher
Become fire
Erase the pain that I know
Make me feel like I can start to let go

I was crushed
Broken into pieces
When the echos of
Ten Thousand others just like me
Lit up my sky

We are shining brighter and brighter
Pushing onward farther and farther
Shout out as one
Resound, and we will keep on
Fighting harder and harder
Hear us singing louder and louder
"We are not alone" in unison
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