Daz Dillinger

"My Hood"

[Noreaga]  My hood, My hood
[Capone] From Iraq to Kuwait, hood n****s know we get down, and clap n****s face
[Noreaga] My hood, My hood
[Capone]  We don't care what you talk about, n**** keep talkin’ 'till we motherf**king chalk him out
[Noreaga]  My hood, My hood
[Capone] From the rats to the snakes, n****s hustle just to eat food and scrap for the papes
[Noreaga]  My hood, My hood
[Capone] My hood is yo hood, yo hood is my hood, what n****, it's all good

[Noreaga] You see, years passed, bandana’d up with a mask
[Capone]  And we fatigued out, ready hammered up in the grass
[Noreaga] Uh huh, I had to pull it out, click click, pull it out
[Capone] Nah, let me hit 'm son, I'm bout squeeze the bullet out
[Noreaga] Yeah, yeah, there he go, pop pop, there he go
We gon' creep on him though, let the calico go
[Capone] Anybody move, go, we play it by the rules though
No women, no children, it's over before this fool [?]
[Noreaga] Yeah, we by the building, B
He's playin' where the children be
[Capone] My hood, we run upon you, put you out your misery
Break down, get rid of artillery, you feelin' me?
[Noreaga] My hood is like scripts from The Wire
And keep sh*t burning like the California fires
Keep a tight grip like a good pair of pliers
[Capone] Yeah, in my hood, they pass out wanted posters like flyers
When [?] Lou died n****s started wild riots
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