Lower Than Atlantis

"Face Full of Scars"

I close my eyes and think of nice things
Like summer in the park when I was riding my bike
Life was so much easier when I was 8
Now I'm bitter, I'm twisted, I'm full of hate
I really don't like the person I've become
What happened to the little boy who loved his mum?
I never talk to anyone about the way I feel
I lie, I cheat, I fight and I steal

So you think you're hard?
You think you're clever but you're obviously not
I've known you for years so why pretend?
I'm your old best friend

Every day's a struggle just to get out of bed
And I fight constantly with a voice in my head
When I look in the mirror I see a face full of scars
From being 'Mr. Hard', 'Mr. Fights In Bars'
I'll probably regret writing lyrics for this song
But I've felt the way I feel for far too long
All the haters will laugh at the way that I felt
When I wrote this song, this cry for help

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