Ann Marie

"One Mo Time"

[Chorus: Ann Marie]
Just one more time, one more time
Can I f**k and make you lose your mind?
Lay you down, make you remember all the times
I drove you crazy, boy you know that you can't lie
The way I'm scratching your back up, when you would beat it up
We f**kin' up the sheets baby, know you miss my love
Just gon' and eat it one more time, freak it one more time
I need it one more time, one more time, one more time

[Verse 1: Sonta]
Don't tell nobody, let's keep it discreet
I drive you crazy, you know I'm a tease
Lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets
And if I play then I'm playing for keeps
You know you miss it, stop hiding it
Your eyes rolling back while I'm riding it
Looking for my spot, boy you findin' it
Trying your sh*t, I'm crying and sh*t
Hurting me boy, what you doing that for?
Tomorrow I know that I'm gon' be sore
Them other girls, they can't do it like me
That's why you always gon' come back for more
I know you miss this sh*t, act right, you wish you did
Boy you are so damn fine, can I get it one more time?
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