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Ann Marie

"Stress Relief"

[Intro: Usher]
Oh, what you doing?
You know I'm coming over, right?
(Now, baby, tell what you wanna do with me?)
Now, you got it hot—

[Verse 1: G Herbo]
Had a long day
Tell me all about it
Need anything? Just call, I got it
On your freaky days, I'm all about it
n***a like me, every time I leave home I got it, but I still stand tall without it
Don't lie to me 'cause you can't get around that
Won't mention bro but I know all about that
Hop in the car, you can't know where my house at
Don't need a bed, we can f**k where the couch at
Lambo, keys, where my Balenci pouch at
Full of potential just ain't got a scout yet
On my way, baby, just let me know where the route at
Ever met a n***a like me? I doubt that
You from the West or the Southside?
Skin tone have a n***a staring with his mouth wide
Either way I'ma hit the line when I'm outside
Family, dollar signs, I'm still 'bout mine
When you looking at me with the side eye
Like you tryna ride, be my valentine
I'm still a street n***a and you know it
Really wanna be with you, just don't show it
Missing your smell when I go on tour
Gotta go work, but I do want some more
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