Ann Marie

"Come Over"

[Intro: Ann Marie]
Oh no, oh-oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh-oh, oh
Oh yeah

[Verse 1: Ann Marie]
You've been sleepin' on me too long
But let it be known, you ain't gettin' no rest tonight
I can hear it all in your tone, you gone off Patrón, and I'm in your head tonight
f**k it, I'm all in your bed tonight
I double back if the head is right
You know you can't get this feeling twice
Something 'bout you make me feel like
I can find love today
Put your tongue in it while you rubbin' the clit
Yeah, you romantic but a thug in this bed
Booty so good, got him tryna write his name in this sh*t
You say I'm too fine for us to FaceTime
Ass got a poke but where your waistline?
Love when you deep stroke, boy I can take mine
And I want it right now, no need to waste timе

[Chorus: Ann Marie & Yung Bleu]
Baby, won't you come over? (Yeah, yеah)
So I can ride you like a Rover
Baby, just pour up (Baby, just pour up)
Take a shot 'cause you're too sober
Boy, I hear you talkin' like you know somethin'
I really hope you keep up 'cause boy, I'm on one
You ain't gotta worry boy, I won't run (Don't run)
I just need you to come over (One time)
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