Information Society

"On the Outside (THC mix)"

Alright now... and then the house was finally empty, nobody around. Um... I knew there'd be no other chance than right now... to express myself. Nobody around to stop me. And I... I got paper and... and a razor... and went to my room. I wanted to write about how upset I was and how much anxiety I had. I looked down...

Still dark outside the window
f**king alarm clock, start the day in fear
It's not the fun or any sense of community
It's just trying to dull the pain
The scientists say that it's a
Different animal altogether
And driven by forces deep
Within the chest that won't let it sleep and

See the arm is sliced and
See the taken life and
See emaciation
Little scars are showing

On the outside
On the outside
On the outside
On the outside

So now they've grown up in these
Brilliantly beautiful sterile communities
Floating like the sleeper through the
Flowers and emptiness, the boring futility
So now they're educated
12 years of chains and lost opportunities
What they have learned is how to
Jump when the bell rings and fear the breakdown
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