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"The Music Industry (Remix)"

"How far must you go to gain respect, ummm" - A Tribe Called Quest 'Show Business'

[Verse One] [Termanology]:
I ain't complain' about a label not signin' me
I just got signed, my people like, "Finally."
Took long enough but I ain't really sweat it
I knew I'd get me the cheddar, pathetic the way we spend it
Our relatives wouldn't let us invent a venomous record
Instead they'd rather have us check in college and get accredited
And then if we ever quit it I did it, stayed on my sh*t it
Delivered quality records regardless if they spin it
Shout out to real DJ's who always held me down
And let me get up on their show when I get in town
Let me spit a 16 and play that hot sh*t
Cause they in love with that real hip hop sh*t
Not for the profits and run up in they pockets
Jockin' all of these fly sick cats spittin' that nonsense
Consequence reppin' N.Y.C. now
Akrobatik he be reppin' for B now
5'9" he be reppin' for the D now
Crooked I reppin' killer Cali now
Fizzy Wo' still reppin' M.O.P. now
Termanology, I'll still kill you with a freestyle

[Scratch Hook]:
"DJ to DJ"
"This is for all y'all"
"It isn't easy"
"Respect ummm"
"Industry rule #4080, record company people are shady" - A Tribe Called Quest 'Show Business'

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