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"Da Math"

"How many n*ggas do you know like this" - Xzibit 'Paparazzi'

[Verse One] [Consequence]:
I had a homie named Al, that we would call Algebra
Cause he could count money as fast as any challenger
But when it came down to certain days on the calendar
He would walk around with a .38 caliber
An eighth of this caliber should get his next bonus
The second he's in power, like an exponent
Cause he had his ex moanin', until he caught a spasm
But by the next mornin', multiply they orgasms
She should thought they was Equal sorta like the sweetener
But that messed with the ego so he began cheatin' her
Then he start beatin' her and piecing her with fractions
Till she did the math when they accountant did the taxes
Cause there would be subtractions, where there should be additions
And her overreactions would cause their division
And it don't take a mathematician to figure this out
Why a chick in her position had got slick with her mouth
Cause even though he movin' units and was big in the south
And had bought a couple units then had flipped to her house
Him and her were on the outs once he heard about they problems
But tried to work it out, like doin' word problems
But there be worse problems as she carried her son
Since he took over the number game like carrying the one
Now he's carrying a gun cause they wanna let 'em have it
According to his man who knew today's mathematics

[Hook] [Consequence]:
So do the math cuzzo
Do the math cuzzo
Do the math cuzzo
Do the math cuzzo
Do the math cuzzo
Do the math

[Verse Two] [Boycott Blues]:
Her name was Ms. One just like the one from The Wiz
She had two, three, four, five hundred kids
No D.A., D.A. know they A,B,C's
Just the one, two, threes when collecting fees
Put a hole at your top like the sign for degrees
You're greasy when your body stink, spray the trunk with Febreze
Be easy like kindergarten, dearly departed 'em
Cuttin' kilos and keys, blowin' trees, not from the garden
They turn the heat up to 300 so the snow will harden
They stayed in a mean mode
There was no way to bargain
Did the O.T. geography, cuttin' cornered of geometry
Fiend flamin' theology, bodily harm biology
Divide the legs, multiply left from angels no apology
Ain't gotta be a philosopher like one of Socrates, to see
We the victims of a relative robbery
Subtracted from my peoples maintaining they weak economy
The math

[Hook] [Consequence]:
Do the math cuzzo
"How many"
Do the math
Do the math cuzzo
"How many"
Do the math
Do the math cuzzo
"How many"
Do the math cuzzo
I'll be your tutor baby

[Verse Three] [Insight]:
Teenagers skip they classes out to triple they cash
A principle passed the shooters and he slid 'em a stash
500 in the wallet, two pistols in bags
12 O'clock on the block, ammunition they had
More money than you
With an unemployed crew
Bubblin', troublin', mother f'ers is somethin' they do
In the mornin' and night, do the math okay
Our society leave us hangin' two times a day
Hate your guts when it's right, lock ya up in the night
The city took the rims off of the ball court so he fight
? guns, knives and mics
How many made it out the system? Peep the science of life
Blast the White House doors, yo, the hell with the war
Had promoters do the math and put my staff on tour
Saw the first one on the corner, he the one who finished last
Dodgin' the bullet blast fast with an open gash
After fallin' on broken glass
Devil's choke your ass
Till they see blood spilt of an innocent man kilt
But how many know the math?

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