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"Let U Live"

[Intro: Consequence]
Yo, it’s the Cons’, fool

[Verse 1: Consequence]
My heart’s a Benetton ad and my di*k’s a black panther
Who might get kicked out if they find out about Samantha
But when I read the answers in these magazine pages
I feel like a (?) ’bout to start ragin’
’Cause when they take shots like my track’s aren't blazing
It’s more drainin’ than a vampire’s bite
So I might need a mirror or my hand on the mic
To make ’em disappear as I walk toward the light
I’ve done something right, I keep comin’ with the crack
So they could swab around your mouth, you’re still no match
’Cause when I heard the raps you recorded at the spot
It made your family look bad like Kourtney and Scott
Support me or not, I still got cake
And only props that you faggots should get is Prop
’Cause ever since I inked up like Wiz Khalifa
They whispered to their
Girlfriend that he’s a keeper
So to get a feature from the cameo killa’
Who comes from a family that
Brought the world Dilla
You need the kind of brown bags they give the dope
Otherwise I’ll pass like I’m Ben from the Steelers

[Sample] x2
I should just let you live, right? Negative
I swear it’s dough
Or die
Dough or die

[Verse 2: Pharoahe Monch]
My heart is We Are the World, my p*nis is P.E
But my balls are Avatar, you could see them in 3d
Spit so cold they call me Mr. Freeze
They get shine without private jet trips to Belize
My n*gga, please believe
I know thieves from Queens that squeeze for less than 3 gs
But never P, I’m
A lyrical soldier
My brain actually produces gingko
Pop lock, Tdot, Nova Scotia
I breakdance to France, my moves will French toast ya
Did graffiti in Japan
They made an animated poster
Now how many emcees truly uphold the culture
Like you know what I haven’t heard in a while?
All the ladies in the house
Say “Ow”
(Ow) For real f*ck the fellas
They want free downloads, cds and acapellas
And all I ever hear is I can rap, motherf*cker
That I could really rhyme, make tracks, motherf*cker
You got a lot of balls, fall back, motherf*cker
You need to play sports or sell crack, motherf*cker

[Sample] x2

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