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"The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Explicit Album Version"

"The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"

Yo you can keep asking them f*ckin questions all f*ckin day man
I told you what- I told you what the f*ck happened man
Told your partner the same thing man, how long a n*gga gotta stay here?

[Verse 1]
There was money on the table with the bricks
I was in the living room feeling on this b*tch
Heard my car alarm goin off on my 6
So my dogs start barkin and some n*ggas hit the fence
So I take my di*k out this b*tch mouth and walked to the window
Pull the blinds down and took one hit of the Endo
You n*ggas ain't doin sh*t, but stealin my neighbors rims so
Walked back to the couch and told the b*tch to bend over
That's what I'm rolling with..
Nah I ain't sh*t and I ain't snitching on nobody
Yea that's my .45, but it ain't got no bodies
And 2 dead n*ggas? Them is nobody..
They should've torched em, and you wouldn't had no bodies
I mean look at these pictures, just so sloppy
Couldn't have been me, I do my sh*t like John Gotti
Feed the n*gga to the sharks after dark
Man f*ck this sh*t I thought I told y'all
There was money on the table by the bricks
I was at the kitchen table choppin up some sh*t
Listenin to Jeezy and I heard a little (speeding car)
So I turned the radio down and c*cked my 4 Fif, oh sh*t..
Am I hit? Nah just a hole in my Jordan fitted
So I turn down all the lights and c*ck my 4 Fif
Seen some n*ggas jump in they escalade and that was it
How much longer I gotta stay in this muthaf*cka?
Let me get a cigarette, I don't even smoke but sh*t y'all got a n*gga stressed
I gotta stay in this muthaf*cka until I confess?
sh*t, y'all b*tches better get some rest
Cus it'll be a cold day in Miami
Before I snitch on myself or the hood, you understand me?
Ya I f*ck with the Bulls but I ain't Sammy
n*ggas run around the hood singin.. They should get a Grammy
And you two muthaf*ckas should get an Oscar
With this good cop bad cop sh*t.. Take me to process
Cus I don't eat breakfast with no pigs
I watched First 48 so f*ck your 25 years
No evidence, no big. I don't know who split them n*ggas' wigs
Already told y'all, there was money on the table with the bricks
I was walkin to bathroom to take a sh*t
Then I heard my dogs barkin, there's some noise by the fence
So I ran to my room and reached for the 4 Fif
Then I seen three n*ggas by my back door
Looked out the bathroom window and seen two more
So I reached for my chopper and some clips out the drawer
Guess I had to welcome n*ggas to the gun store..

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