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"We Fight We Love (Remix)"

[Intro: Kanye West]
Hip hop, uh

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
When I fight and you fight, we don't fight fair
So I guess I'll see you in my nightmares
Just remember I made you like my Nike Air
Ye-Yeezys, please be easy
To kill the animosity that's in the air
I'll touch every curve of your body like a Herve Leger
And this wasn't no ordinary love
Our sex wasn't ordinary drugs
It's that crack, that crystal meth
I mean it gets so wet, I had to go in depth
I mean the b*tch so fresh I had to go in debt
Ru-running my credit card 'til there's no more left
Uh but that's cool, you wife and I'll be groom
I thought I had a sign a Seal like Heidi Klum
Like Jay and B, like Chris and Ri
But this Christmas you'll be missing me

[Verse 2: Q-Tip]
He walks outside for a cigarette break
And thinks how many cigarettes does it take
He takes a long drag with the sun in his eye
He squints, he thinks, he starts to sigh
Sometimes he cry
When he thinks about his girlfriend on his side
She held him down, she made him better
Fought for love through f*cked up weather
And she thinking about her life
With no more work, just being a wife
But instead, her love she gave it to a man
Who fought against her lovely plans
So when she goes to work, plus go to school
Plus fight for love, she must feel like a fool
She want the ease to come after pain
She fights for love that's her campaign


[Verse 3: Consequence]
Word, word, yo
I try to stick it out with her through thick and thin
So whether she was thick or thin I was still stickin' in
But like when I left shorty with the rest of my friends
I guess all good things had to come to an end
Instead of moving forward she rather pretend
Because like a tattoo artist, I get under her skin
So she hatin' on the kid and its plain to see
I got her punchin' at the screen like she playin' the Wii
She only think about me when her cash is low
And she heard my name brought up by them classy hoes
Cause she at the same nail shop where Cassie goes
And she up in the club where Vashtie goes
And it start to drive her nuts like pistachios
Cause I guess the g shocked her like a Casio
Then you shot yourself in the foot like Plaxico
And that's too much drama so you had to go

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