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"Follow the Buzzards"

[Sample: Bray Wyatt]
(We're here)

[Verse 1: Consequence]
I come from a quiet family
But some of us are as crazy as the Wyatt Family
Well let me not speak for the entire family
Because I got brothers in the jungle, cousins on a quest
And some nephews who be bangin' when they hangin' out west
Me I ended up like Flipper bangin' Angie on the desk
My family's a mess and we all need counselin'
We run the city like we all each councilmen
What my accountant spends when a quarter's done
I make you never forgive what you're daughter's done
See my avatar don't come with average bars
Or average tales
So my finishin' move should be Sister Abigal
Cause you can kiss the game goodbye
Or use my government name and I'm explainin' why
Cause they my sons, they my juniors
Or Dexter III if I don't come back sooner
Despite what the truth is the rumors keep goin'
But the real fans be knowin'
So it's like I'm walkin' with a canteen glowin'
Cause finally the sheep gonna follow like Erick Rowan
Cause all my riddles be cray
But I don't talk in riddles like Bray
Rockin' in a Rocking Chair
Rockin' a Fedora with some thoughts to share, yeah
Of what I'm gonna drop this year
Will feel like a rocket just dropped from the air
And that's why they're scared of the author in the Gucci parka
Cause their gear game's compared to Luke Harper's
They comin' through in dirty denim
We comin' through with thirty women
We comin' through with thirty minutes
So make sure the bottles are covered
You know the models will love it
You see my motto beloved
As I'm back on my Fly Boy so follow the buzzards
Yeah, I said I'm back on my Fly Boy so follow the buzzards

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