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"Good Kisser REMIX"

Good Kisser REMIX

Consequence Verse

I swear, every time we play the kissin' game
The snakes play the hissin' game
Buried the hatchet with what's his name
Shout out to Biggs cuz the game's been missin' Dame
So like the missing plane found in Malaysia
I disappeared from the lights and the lasers
But since my Wednesday Crush wife is Malaysia
They tellin' me to push like mid wives during labor
If I had to pick a flavor, it'll be "Orange"
Cuz aren't you special, aren't you the one
Whose tan got'em looking like they orange as the sun
And nobody kiss it like you
Nobody lick it like you, you deserve a "Lick Her License"
You're more enticin' than the women who would live with Tyson
And way better than the babes out with Mayweather
So I'm Ray Leonard to these hookers
Cuz they spill the "Tea" everytime you give me sugar
To the onlookers, my looks are only getting bigger
Uh, got out that basement like Big Tigger
But you can't take the Hood out a Hood Hitta
So ma give up the goods to this Good Kisser
It's The Cons Fool

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