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[Intro: Girl #1 & (Girl #2)]
(Hello, Theresa?)
Yeah, it's me
(Yo, what up kid?)
What's up?
(Yo, we going to this joint tonight?)
(Word up, what you wearing?)
I don't know, I'll probably throw on my black leggings and my Tommy Hilfiger tee shirt, 'cause it's hot outside
(Word up, I'm feelin' my sun, to get jiggity with the fellas )
Word up
(Can you dig?)
Yeah, no doubt. I gotta look right for the n*gga
(Ha, ya know what I'm sayin'? A'ight yo, I should go)

[Verse 1: Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, & Consequence]
It was Friday afternoon in the middle of June
Heineken bottle caps and the aroma of boom
Around the time everybody just got home from class
Shooting dice, talkin sh*t, hoping the cash would last
Yo, this was around the time when I didn't know no better
Juney moved around in a tinted out Jetta

Then he introduced me to that hydro smoke
And I took one toke, yo, I almost choked
See I never smoked before so my nerves got shot
Then he told me about the party at the spot Jamroc
It was guaranteed on but I said "Son, chill"
There's a joint around the way that's supposed to be real

He said we got all day, so we gonna do it right
Hit your man's joint first and Jamrock in one night
Then I said "Aight", then I hopped inside the jetty
Let me take a shower, I'm sweaty, and then I'll be ready
Tonight is the night I get my groove on steady
And get my drink on with that Ford named Betty
I went upstairs to get fly, smoke my Thai
Drunk some liquor, to meet my high quicker
Now, I'm type stimo, the party is the M.O
Me and my crew, we get it started like a demo
Eleven in the evening, I'm feelin like a heathen
This thing is going down and I highly doubt I'm leaving
Booty cheeks are in motion and the kids was drinking potion
Word is bond, that Black Moon joint got me open
(Don't front)

Yo, the DJ flipped the script
Threw on the good sh*t that made the kid lose his grip
Blendin Risin to the Top and got these shorties hoppin
Number coppin', ain't no stoppin me now
Yo, I'm bound to win until that thing kicked in
The Alizé had me stuck, I don't know where to begin

[Verse 2: Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, & Consequence]
Now I'm feeling kinda jaded, wild incoherent
Me and the fellas started acting irreverent
Butt grabbin, mad laughin, just assin

Then that chick caught up, the shorty looking fed up
They said you jonesin' with this one, gibbin' with that one

A yo, I'm just doing my thing, yo I'm just having fun
You don't see me in here wylin pulling out no gun
Yo, I see some of that thing girl and I want some
So let's step inside this corner so that we can rap on
Over this bumpin' ass song plus some Dom Perignon
I hit ya with the good lovin plus fillet mignon
Yeah, yeah scrammy scrams, that's that same old song
Aye yo, tell me why the hell your breath smells so strong
Yo, put some brakes on your yappin or you won't live long
Please n*gga, push on
Alright scrams, see you later (scrams?)
Can't mess with these street sharks or these alligators
I can't take it no more, yo it's damn near four
I've been partyin and drinkin since I came out my door

Look at these kids about to mix it, damn, where's the exit?
Son, jetted to the ride and got the burner out the Lexus
Yo, he c*cked his joint back like he's about to let him have it
Kid, I kept it movin like the Energizer rabbit
A yo yo, it's time to skate, ain't no time to contemplate
(all: Whoops, looka there, there's Jake)

[Outro: Skit]

Alright, you guys wanna move the cars? C'mon. Let's go

Yo c'mon Al. That sh*t was f*cked up man. Yo that n*gga f*ckin' pulled outta the borough like that? Yo let's get the f*ck up outta here

[Ali Shaheed Muhammad]
Aye yo, why them n*ggas always assin' out man? Yo, them n*ggas always assin' out. They can't even have a good one on a hot summer night man. It's alright man. Word up. This hot weather is makin' n*ggas act stupid! n*ggas be actin' stupid in this hot weather baby

[Phife Dawg]
Yo, it's 3 o'clock in the morning

[Ali Shaheed Muhammad]
Hey Mal man, I'm tired of these funny style n*ggas man

[Phife Dawg]
It's hotter than a witch's crotch son

[Phife Dawg]
What's up son?

Get in the car kid...What the f*ck is you doin' man?

[Ali Shaheed Muhammad]
C'mon man, get in man! It's hot as hell, I need some A.C. man!

[Phife Dawg]
Muhammad, I can't close the door you fat boy!

'Cause of yo fat ass

[Phife Dawg]
Yo it's Muhammad

[Ali Shaheed Muhammad]
It ain't no Muhammad man

Yo will y'all shut the f*ck up man, y'all in my motherf*ckin' car man

[Ali Shaheed Muhammad]
C'mon man... Yo why you kid- why you talkin' to me like that man? Whoo-hoo-hoo! Baby

I'm sayin' man... Hol' up. Can I say something please, man?

[Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Phife Dawg]
What's up man, what up?
What?.. What you gotta say?

Yo... every f*ckin' time man. We go out man, we always get towed the f*ck down. These broads be f*ckin' shammin' like it f*ckin'...

[Ali Shaheed Muhammad]
Yo Mal, you hot man?

[Phife Dawg]
Fakin' ass...

... and I'm tired of it man. I'm 22 years old. And I get crazy high every time I go to a party man. And the stupid sh*t be jumpin' off man

[Ali Shaheed Muhammad]
I ain't gonna front. I agree man. Word up

I can't have this no more. I've gotta find something new man

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