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"Pick N Roll"

[Intro: Consequence talking]
What the f*ck Matthew?

[Hook: Consequence]
(You know how this...)
You know how the stick up go, pick and roll
(You know how we...)
You know how we pimp these hoes, pick and roll

(Hit you with the...)
Hit you with the sickest flows, pick and roll
(So pass that, show me where the cash at)

[Verse One: A.L.]
Ayo I came to set this
Get in the club and never get frisked
You always stress this
Cause you never on the guest list
So come and check this
All the girls wanna sex this
I leave impressions without a necklace or a Lexus
I'm leaving ex's
Stressed out after he met this
I'm having breakfast in Suave House out in Texas
I make it right
You wanna battle go and take a bite
I know you hate it right, go ahead and just break the ice

[Verse Two: Mike Zoot]
Stepper (What?)
Fall and twist me like Webber
The Wizardly King, scent of lye up on my ledger
Green house effect, the blood mixed with chlorophyll
Swamp Thing, ganja man, blood shot grill
Build two El-Producto's
Black as f*ck, lucky me, twist trees like Mack truck
It done hit me
The hand itch be scratched for 50
40 at the worst, the other 10 on the first
Of the month, love blunt
Smoking with the head nurse
Bursting on the brain, I leave a permanent stain
No distractions from my motive, no aim
Strain my eye, see far
Against the grain, charge the game to my name


[Verse Three: Matt Fingaz]
Play my position
Got some sh*t around my neck, heard your shine was missing
Got a kid Zooted out, Cons' is crushing his women
Start punching and kicking when Punch is spitting
Yo you want more?
Pick and roll
You want more?
I f*ck the sh*t out this beat and I'm still hitting it slow
Yo I work down her back till her spine is snapped
Showed you [?] and you thought it was Matt
I got a car full of gas and a pocket of cash
Feel like Raekwon on Rap Life rocking with Tash
Making it last
Break dancing and I'm waiting to smash
Saw a shorty at the Tunnel and I'm making a pass
"Yo come over here sweetheart, get in the Rover"
Found out I'm S double now you sweating a soldier
Matt Fingaz breaking records like Maguire and Sosa
Calling every single shottie when you fire a holster


[Verse Four: Punchline]
Take two pull move over
Lose all composure
Always need a chauffeur
Never drive sober
But I'll bone her
If she's 18 and over
She gave me head until I fell in a coma
On the wanted poster
Mic in the holster
On the run with Poke in a 4 point Rover
You're brains slow
You kicking that same flow
I'm married to the game and money's my main hoe
I pick and roll

[Verse Five: Wordsworth]
Her body, weight, sizes and shapes all black or mix
Hard to find but easy to replace
Met her wearing raggedy shoes with my sister and mother
Spit the perfect game and took her straight out of the gutter
Little more game a little more revenue
Mess with big balling professionals
Plus she's bisexual
Listen to rap
Something that I like
That was right up my alley
Said she work but her job was on strike
First night, fingered her, tried to score
Told me about her cousin
Who helps her when she's stuck, plus he shines the floors
Put me in a different frame of mind
Wanted her to be my spare but was a one night stand
Couldn't cross the line
Other cats try to pick her up
Had her in the palm of my hand
Till I seen her in the arms of my man
That's part of the game plan
Understand, hold it y'all
Don't be vexed what you expect
When you pick and roll with a bowling ball

Now that's a metaphor for your ass

[Outro: Consequence]
Yo, that's what happen kid. When you mess with n*ggas getting it. And n*ggas who spitting it. Cons to the quence. Punchline
Wordsworth. A.L. Guesswyld. Mike Zoot. That's it n*gga!

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