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"Bottle Girls (Remix)"

[Produced by Consequence & David Matin]

[Verse 1: Blu Gem]
Blu Gem drop a gem on 'em
Never trust these hoes or depend on 'em
If ya friend want 'em, it's cause she wanna be you
You could roll with the Crips but you'll never be Blu
Blu bustin' out the blue denims
Got 'em singin' the blues when Blu's in 'em
So to keep up with me you gon' need a blue diamond
Cut him two times when I caught him two timin'
Blue diamonds in Tiffany boxes
Thick thigs, thick as Tiffany Foxx is
They topless, I get mine off top
Cause it's gon' be a problem if I don't prop
I'm makin' moves 'til the news say the feds got her
They call her Blu but the shoe is a red bottom
And the head got him throwin' stones at the glass house
Whether it's the 9th inning and the last out
Or it's the 4th down with a yard to go
After halftime they're pourin' out their heart and soul
Thinkin' Gem is a Gemini
And I'ma leave their ass for a better guy
That's why I can't stand these b*tches
Who drop their pants for some champagne wishes
So you know who my model is
Homie I'm good, I can buy my own bottles, kid

[Pre-Hook: Consequence]
Cause this club's got a lot of girls, mostly model girls
Yeah, I'm tryna holla, girl, cause you're my favorite bottle girl

[Hook: Mack Wilds]
So here she comes with those sparklers, I just wanna talk to her
I just wanna offer her the finer things in life
Cause she's so fine and so popular, I just wanna give props to her
I just wanna get lost with her, she's my favorite bottle girl
She’s my favorite bottle girl
She’s my favorite bottle girl
(Let her know I ain't playin' with these stacks of cash)
She’s my favorite bottle girl
(Let her know we ain't playin' with these stacks of cash, Mack!)
She's my favorite bottle girl

[Verse 2: Consequence]
She was a waitress, you could tell
That wished she was Rachel Uchitel
But couldn't get a check in the mail
Her baby's father was grimy
She livin' off of tips like she married to Tiny
So her outfit is tiny as a member of Xscape
With bills on her back like an S is on a cape
So between all the drinks and the Drakes and the hookahs
She's the next Courtney from Hooters
Or escort for Scooter, Kayser or Lyor
That body so crazy, she belong in Creedmore
So it's a seesaw battle when we uptown
And that booty's goin' up, and down
Went from under, ground to fame and fortune
To planes and Porsches and big names in corporate
On her client list, and the chemistry we got like a scientist
Got my girlfriend sayin' that I ain't sh*t
So I had to reassure her that I ain't hit
By buyin' gifts that Chrissy called "pain killers"
From Tiffany's and other big name jewelers
They schooled me to the game so I know what my duties are
Got my Nudie jeans on at the nudie bar
Goin' hard on these model searches
And tearin' up my card gettin' bottle service

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

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