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"So Soulful"

Yeah, DC
Stand up for your boy Ka Ree
I go by the name of Kanye To The
The Roc is in the building
And as far as I'm concerned, we about to bring that real soul back to the game
John Legend on the backgrounds by the way
Let's go

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
From what I hear Kanye is killing the game very bad
My girl rocking the little lamb that Mary had
A l ittle bit of Ghost’s style mixed with Mos' style
I'm versatile I'm the poster child
Getting cheese so I'm suppose to smile, get it
We making hits like Sosa now, hit it
And I hate when girls acting bougie as hell
And I already seen them naked like Blu Cantrell
If I talk to people like they stupid as hell
Do that mean God gone make my kids be stupid as well?
Well, our father please forgive me
I'm sinner slash winner slash soul inventer

It's so soulful man, it's so soulful man
So soulful man
And when you hear it is where it feels like soul food man
It was so soulful man
It's so soulful man, it's so soulful man
And right here is where it feels like soul food man

[Verse 2: Consequence]
Look my Mommy don't be playing cause she know I got my game in tact
I spit them lines that make a rapper have a brain attack
And chickens know I'm gonna do it how I wanna do it
And miss communication, no we never run into it
I got chicks like Simone and Cala
Stay with lip gloss and Fendi bag beside her
And your girl said you ain't ready for me
I'm in love so Mommy got me singing Tina Marie
How you bomb in Giovanni, she in Gucci and Prada
Chilling in a Mirada, studying like a scholar
So I don't even bother, I be popping my collar
I can get into your soul when I call you tomorrow
Come on


[Bridge: John Legend]
I know you got a lot of stress today
Let's hit the party like we just got paid
And if you really want to get away
And say yeah, yeah
Got people on your back constantly
And you never get a second to breathe
You know you gotta get a way with me so say
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 3: Consequence]
I'mma worry about the trade then ball then try and trade it all
I'd rather catch up on my paper and invade the mall
You sore losers picked the wrong guy to take the fall
I probably trade in the fall what they made in the fall
Went from a never quite was to an overnight was
Cause the way I flip metaphor nobody quite does
By the time I leave the club, I'm wearing a public arms
Cause he must have been a pro the way see the pros and cons
They calling this the army
Money boys are we say jay b hopping down when I'm trying do my laundry
But I ain't even sorry for the way I get my dough
Cause J, Khayree and Kan got that food for your soul

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