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"Red Bottom Rap!"

Red Bottom Rap!

If I hear another Rapper
Rap about Red Bottoms...
I'ma need a Shrink
For my Head problems
I ain't impressed
So I'm ready to snap kid
So Charlie watch me kill it
Like Two & a Half Men (Let's Go)
So you can bet all
Plus your back Rent
Since the flow's f*ckin' Re-Re
Like Matt Kemp
Or Chris Brown
So get down...
I'm like a bail bondsman
When you skip town
So please don't resent that
You won't get a cent back
Cuz here's another Head Crack
Which is just a set back
Toward your future endeavors
"She made y'all think
Y'all had a future together"
And homie went Rae Carruth
Houston we got a problem
Trae The Truth
Cuz until I'm on top
Like I'm playing the roof
The gun is fully loaded
When I step in the booth
So front on my bread
Well have it your way
And see more shots
Being fired than Norway
Cuz this kind of problem
Don't go away
Since they expect me
To ride like stow-aways
So somebody else
Better step in
And drop off a bag
Like curb side check-in
Otherwise I'ma carry-on
With some personal items
To make'em mad at Cons
Which means my next tracklisting
'll be the reason
That say he's blacklisted
But all the Rap misfits
And the goons & the goblins
Know that dude is a PROBLEM

It's The Cons Fool

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